Registration/ Consent

We accept children aged 2-4 years old.

Children that are younger than 2.5 years old will be admitted once both parents and Harcourt Pre-School agree that the child is ready for a pre-school environment.

If it is felt that the child would benefit from a delayed start date, we will work closely with the parents to find a mutually agreeable admission date.


Admissions Paper Work

To complete the Admissions process we will require the following paperwork

A completed Registration Form – all data collected is held and used within the GDPR guidelines

A completed Consent Form

A payment of £50 Admin Fee to cover the costs of the Admissions Process

A completed EYR1 form – this is the form that instructs Bristol City Council that we are allowed to claim for the Universal Funding for your child up to 15 hours per week.

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