Visions and Values

Our Vision Statement

• Harcourt Pre-School aims to be an inclusive community where all families are welcome and children feel safe and secure.
• Children have fun, learning and playing together with supportive adults who respond to children’s individual interests and needs.
• We continually evaluate and improve the service we provide.

Our Values and Aims:

• To provide a fun and stimulating atmosphere for all pre-school children where learning and development takes place within a caring, nurturing, safe and secure environment.
• To provide well-planned play which incorporates a variety of experiences which catch children’s interests and fire their imaginations. Children can think, act out, question, model, build, create and learn.
• To work in partnership with parents; being approachable, valuing parents’ input and sharing insights of their child’s learning and development.
• To support children as they develop their social skills; sharing, negotiating and understanding their own and others’ feelings. We support their new friendships, growing independence, confidence and belief in themselves.
• To value children’s uniqueness and individuality, responding to their interests and supporting their specific learning and developmental needs.
• To develop an inclusive community where all members are heard, feel respected and valued for who they are as individuals, regardless of gender, culture, race, religion or ability.

Children’s Rights

Everyone on this planet is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Wherever we live and whoever we are, these are our rights and no one should take them away from us.
Freedom, peace and justice around the world are built on these rights.

• Children have the right to tell us what they are thinking or feeling, whether they whisper,
shout it, draw it, mime it or sign it.
• Every child has the right to develop their own beliefs in a positive way.
• All children have the right to be loved.
• All children have the right to a good childhood.
• All children have the right to play and rest.
• All children have the right to be happy.
• All children have the right to experience the freedom of natural spaces; climb trees,
wallow in mud, feel the wind in their faces and the rain in their hair.
• All children have the right to make decisions for themselves, take risks and be challenged.
• All children have the right to an inspiring education.
• All children have the right to be cared for when they are sick or hurt.
• All children have the right to belong to a family and to feel safe.
• All children have the right to feel safe from harm.

Nobody has a right to hurt children emotionally or physically

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