Waiting List

Harcourt Pre-School aims to be a fully inclusive setting and aims to remove all reasonable barriers for children to attend the setting. Children will be offered a place regardless of their gender, culture, language, religion, physical or learning ability, parents’ ability to pay or home location.

Harcourt Pre-School operates a waiting list system and children are allocated places in waiting list order. The main intake is September; however, children may be contacted, in waiting list order, if places become available through the year.

Parents are contacted in March/April to discuss places for the September start.

Our usual intake is around 40 children; this includes approximately 25 three year olds and 15 two year olds.

We accept children from the age of two and a half years old. Approximately five spaces a day are reserved for two year olds.

We offer flexibility in terms of the days and sessions a child attends, subject to availability.

Minimum number of sessions (a ‘session’ is half a day): children who are three years old on 1 Sept are required to attend for at least three sessions; children who are two on 1 Sept are required to attend for at least two sessions.

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