Starting at Pre-School

Fruit donation

As part of our healthy eating policy, we ask families to donate at least one piece of fruit a week. A fruit bowl is available in the lobby by the front door in which to place your donation. The fruit is shared out at Snack-Times during the morning and afternoon sessions. You will be notified of any fruit we cannot accept due to allergies.

Spare clothes/nappies

Children will need to bring in a bag of spare clothes in case of ‘accidents’ or if they require a change after messy or outdoor play. This is to be left in a bag on their coat peg in the cloakroom. If your child is still in nappies, please remember to bring in some spares.

Outdoor Clothing

We go out every day, whatever the weather! To ensure that this is an enjoyable experience for your child, please provide them with a warm waterproof coat or lightweight, showerproof coat, hat and gloves (mittens are best) for when it gets cold. A pair of wellies will need to be left at Pre-School in their named boot rack in the cloakroom.

Name labels

We would be really grateful if you could put your child’s name in their clothing, especially their bag, coat and wellies. We have a lost property box in the cloakroom if you mislay anything.

Sun Cream and Sun Hats

We often stay outside for longer in the summer months. Please ensure that on sunny days your child is wearing sun cream on arrival and has a suitable sun hat to wear. We will request permission to reapply sun cream for children staying for the full day.


We love to celebrate children’s birthdays at Pre-School. We sing ‘Happy Birthday’ blow out candles and hunt for a gift from Harcourt. If you wish to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday to share with their peers, please check with staff before hand as some of the children have allergies to certain foods.

Toys and comfort items

Toys from home are welcome at Pre-School and we have yellow ‘Show & Tell’ group trays to keep them safe during the session. Children will have an opportunity to show them at group times. They can have access to, or keep hold of, their comfort items during the session if they need to. Please name any special cuddlies.

Departure and arrival of children

Arrivals and departures can be busy times and parents must take responsibility for their child and any siblings that may be with them until their child is settled and they leave the building.

Dropping off

The front door is opened at 9.00, 12.00 and 12.45 when you and your child will be welcomed into the setting. Please stay until your child is settled. Members of staff will be on hand to support your child, so let one of them know when you are ready to leave. Some children may feel more comfortable starting the session downstairs where we usually have water or sand to play with. If your child is very anxious, your child’s key person will help you develop a separation plan.

The front door is locked during sessions. Please use the bell to notify the staff if you arrive when the door is locked.


Please endeavor to collect your child/children on time. The front door remains locked during the session and is unlocked and monitored during collection times. Please ring the bell to gain access at other times.

It is essential you telephone pre-school to let us know if you are delayed. If we have not heard from you within 15 minutes of the collection time we will endeavour to contact you using the telephone numbers supplied on your Registration Forms. If after thirty minutes we have had no response from any of the telephone numbers we will be obliged by law to contact Social Services who will take responsibility for your child.

We only hand children over to a parent or to a person authorised by a parent. We must therefore have written confirmation if parents have arranged for someone else to collect their child. Please see Veronique or Lucy and sign the ‘release form’. If the collecting adult is not known to pre-school staff, they will be asked to show photo identification. In emergencies (for instance, if the parent is delayed) we will release a child if we have had confirmation by telephone. In this instance passwords may be used and photo identification will be required.

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